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Valencia Welding is a metal fabrication shop that not only provides misc., metalwork products, but can assist with project takeoffs, estimates and material costs for construction projects at an affordable price.

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Metalwork Estimation Services

Our metalwork and construction estimation services didn’t just happen, but after years of hard work are we finally able to offer these services. We can take the plans for your residential or commercial project and provide you a quick estimation and takeoff report based on your needs. Our normal fee is a flat rate of $14 per hour. We’ve provided sample samples below that show you how long we can take on an average home. We can always provide a quote if needed. If you’re not sure, just try our free offer for 7 days to see how we work for your comfort. Fill out the form above and click to start your 7-day/ or 40 hour estimation services trial. That’s almost a $600 value all included in your free trial.

Other construction fields have a limited number of applications on a construction project.  Painting contractors are usually limited to the color and amount of paint required. Concrete providers are usually limited to how much and what kind of concrete to use.  Roofing contractors are limited to what kind of roof and what design and pattern.

The uniqueness of metal contractors is that they have more options with their raw materials than other fields.  A metal stair can be out of aluminum or steel, made linear, floating or into a spiral. The same product extrusions can make a driveway gate, pool gate, stair railing, or modern balcony railing.  Structural metal is transformed into support beams for floors, garages, door openings, awnings, park cantilevered ceilings, or bbq trellises.

With over a decade of experience working as an ironworker in the skyscrapers of New York City, the founder, Mr. Valencia Sr., took his knowledge in the early 1990’s to the beautiful shores of sunny South Florida.  He traded structural steel towers for ornamental and sophisticated blacksmithing metalwork.

After 20 years in business, with almost 40 years of experience in metalwork, Valencia Welding has garnered a reputation for quality and beauty in the field of metalwork.  An unexpected outcome for producing great metalwork is an even more professional estimating and design team. Unlike other fields in construction, metalwork estimating can be very complex and inefficient.  Design, quality, and installation all dictate how the product should be estimated. As a result, a great estimating and design team is required to provide efficient results with a quick turnaround.

We understand the needs of small construction businesses since we are one ourselves.  Issues that small businesses have to deal with is not having enough time, enough cash flow, enough staff on payroll or having the latest technological processes or equipment.

Let us help you with these issues.  We have the knowledge, experience and technological tools to provide timely and accurate estimation and takeoff reports.  Whatever your request is, it will only cost $14 per hour, charged at 6 minute increments.

If you are not sure about our construction estimation services, than we highly recommend using our 7-day/ 40-hour free trial.  After signing up, we will confirm that you are registered for a free trial of our estimation services. So, for the next 7 days, or for the next 40 billable hours, whichever comes first, we will gladly provide estimation and takeoff reports as requested.  There are limitations to this trial, as it is offered to businesses or professionals that engage in the field of construction on a daily basis (ie. builders, construction contractors, architects, engineers, developers, etc.). For anyone else, we kindly ask that you fill out the same “Free Trial” form, but place in the comments section “non-builder”.

Once we receive your filled out Free Trial form, we will reply to the email on file with our welcome message, and send you our links to upload your plans, sketches and drawings.  Also, on that email or link, please tell us what is it that you need. Below is a list of services provided.

List of Construction Estimation Services

    1. Plan Overview – This service offers a quick review of the plans, showing what the project is, where it is located, and what products in your field are needed.
      1. Example – “The project is a two story coastal home in South Florida which contains exterior stair railings & balcony guardrails, screening, interior staircase, stair railings and pool fencing and gate.”
      2. Estimated Time – 10 minutes, Cost $2.80
    2. Product Overview – A thorough review of the plans which results in a more detailed manner the products that are required without quantity.
      1. Example – “The project is a two story coastal home in South Florida which contains exterior cable rail with aluminum framing for the stairs & balcony. There is an aluminum screening cover the first and second floor. There are interior stairs that have cantilevered steps and requires glass railings. The home has a pool which requires aluminum pedestrian gates and an aluminum pool fence.”
      2. Estimated Time – 10 minutes, Cost $2.80
    3. Quantity Takeoff – A rigorous review of the plans which are submitted into takeoff software that will calculate the square footage or lineal feet of several products. Example for the same two story home.
      1. Aluminum Fence and Gate: Fence 14’, 2 Gates 3’x5’ each
      2. Stainless Steel Cable Rail Balcony with Aluminum Frame, 36”high (5’+ 33’-10” +5’+11’-6”), Approx. 55`-4”
      3. Stainless Steel Cable Rail Stair Railing with Aluminum Frame, 36”high (16’+31’+10’), Approx. 57’
      4. Glass Stair Railing with Metal Handrail (22’+6’) h:3’ Approx. 28’
      5. Cantilevered Tread Stair System, 36” wide (21 Risers and 1 Landing), Approx. 32’
      6. Metal Stair Handrail, Approx. 9’
      7. Decorative Aluminum Screening, Approx. 1,336 sf
      8. Estimated Time – 60 minutes, Cost $14.00

      Add-Ons – Once a quantity takeoff has been done, then the following add-ons just makes the process of understanding plan takeoffs easier to review.


    4. An Estimation Report – After taking the quantity takeoff from the plans, then pictures and designs will are included in the report to show how the architect or engineer would like their product manufactured, fabricated or installed.
      1. Example – (Download Example File)
      2. Estimated Time – 60 minutes, Cost $14
    5. An Estimation Report with Map – Using the same estimation report as above, but now with an included legend to show the location of where multiple products are located.
      1. Example – (Download Example File)
      2. Estimated Time – 120 minutes, Cost $28
    6. Materials Takeoff – With the quantity takeoff, an estimate can be given for the number of materials that will be used such as different quantities of metal profiles and their prices.
      1. Example – (Download Example File)
      2. Estimated Time – 45 minutes, Cost $10.50
    7. Proposal/ Quote Creation – Based on all of the takeoffs taken for the project, a proposal can be created, (with your proposal template and prices) to free up your time understanding the estimation reports to later convert it into a proposal.
      1. Example – (Download Example File)
      2. Estimated Time – 20 minutes, Cost $5.60
    8. Proposal with Added Content – Almost every time we send our proposals, they include the estimation report with the map and sample photos of what we can offer and what we have already done. Many of the builders we work with appreciate the extra presentation because it clears up for them what the project entails regarding the metalwork, and it helps us stand out from other competitors. These add-ons help you present your business in the best light when it’s needed the most. Just provide your proposal, document, logo, photos or outlines, and we’ll put it together so that you can provide amazing presentations to your clients.
      1. Example – (Download Example File)
      2. Estimated Time – 60 minutes, Cost $ 14

We can help you with this, and other related services. Just reach out to us for your free trial and we’ll assist as best as we can.